Why do so many hospitals and surgery centers trust Metro-Medical, Inc., Inc. to repair their Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes?


Metro-Medical, Inc. has over 20 years of industry leading repair experience.

Not only are we committed to you, we are committed to quality.

Our endoscope repair technicians are certified according to German optical laboratory standards. Additionally, they receive on-going training to remain up-to-date with current standards and technology regarding endoscopy repair and safety procedures.


1 year limited warranty - Metro-Medical Industries, Inc., warrants that all Endoscopic repairs performed by our lab will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of 12 months.

In case of warranty issue, Metro-Medical Industries, Inc., will repair or replace said piece of equipment without charge to the original purchaser/customer for labor or parts.

Metro-Medical Industries, Inc., is NOT liable for any damages to this equipment resulting from misuse, negligence, improper cleaning or storage, and normal wear and tear.

In the event that the repaired equipment has been altered, repaired, or tampered with by any person not expressly authorized by Metro-Medical Industries, Inc., the warranty will become null and void. Upon receipt of the equipment to be repaired, Metro-Medical, Inc. will make the final decision as to the status of the warranty.



24 hour turn around time on most rigid endoscope repairs.

Same-day service is available upon request.

All repairs performed on-site in our state-of-the-art optical laboratory.

We only use German optical components.

Our technicians can repair and refurbish over 98% of the endoscopes we receive.

Loaner endoscopes are available to you free of charge.

Repair Tracker - secure on-line tracking system available to view the status of your repairs.


At no cost, we offer complete diagnostic evaluations.

We provide tremendous savings over the OEM manufacturer without sacrificing quality.

Our LaserStar Workstation, for Laser Welding

LaserStar Welder laserstar.net
Medical devices are progressively becoming more compact and lighter. Components designed for hermetic and/or structural welds can benefit from the Nd:YAG laser welding or fiber laser welding technologies based on size and material thickness. LaserStar offers the ability to provide the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and service.