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With over 20 years of experience, we are the industry leaders in rigid and flexible endoscope repair. Continually, we sell certified pre-owned medical equipment.

We have a state-of-the-art optic laboratory on-site, equipped with the latest diagnostic repair equipment. Our technicians are continually trained specifically in the most up-to-date repair procedures regarding rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, and various other surgical equipment.

We ensure that your flexible and rigid endoscopes are repaired correctly the first time AND are equivalent to the quality of the original manufacturers equipment.

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Metro-Medical, Inc. understands that you have choices concerning the repair of your surgical equipment, including your rigid and flexible endoscopes. Due to our experience and dedication to our customers in this industry, you can be 100% confident that your endoscopes are in good hands at Metro-Medical, Inc.

Service Directory

Air/Nitrogen Hose Repair Flexible Endoscope Repair Needlescope Repair Surgical Hose Repair
Arthroscopic Instruments Repair Flexible Scope Repair Neuro Power Equipment Repair Surgical Instrument Repair
Arthroscopy Pump Repair Footswitch Repair New Medical Equipment Sales Surgical Light Source Repair
Attachments Repair Hand/Foot Power Equipment Repair New Surgical Equipment Sales Surgical Power Equipment Repair
Biomedical Equipment Repair Harmonic Scalpel Repair Ophthalmic Equipment Repair Surgical Video Equipment Repair
Biomedical Calibration Certification HD Camera Repair Orthopedic Power Equipment Repair Syringe Pump Repair
Blood Pressure Monitor Repair HD Console Repair Orthopedic Instrument Repair TEE Probe/Ultrasound Repair
Camera Head/Couplers/Control Units HD Scope Repair Phaco Emulsifiers Trauma Power Equipment Repair
Cardiovascular Instrument Repair Industrial Power Repair Power Accessories Repair Ureteroscope Repair
Cystoscope Repair Industrial Scope Repair Power Supply Repair Veterinary Video Camera Sales
Dental Saws Industrial Video Camera Repair Refurbished Medical Equipment Veterinary Video Repair
Dermatome Repair Infusion Pump Repair Remanufactured Medical Equipment Veterinary Scope Repair
Diamond Knife Care & Cleaning Insufflator Repair Rigid Endoscope Repair Veterinary Equipment Repair
Diamond Knife/Knives Repair LED Light Sources Repairs Shaver Repairs Veterinary Refurbished Equipment
Duodenoscope Repair Light Source Repair Semi-Flexible Endoscope Repair Sales
Electrosurgical Unit Repair Medical Device Repair Semi-Rigid Endoscope Repair Video Equipment Repair
Endoscope Repair Maxillofacial Power Equipment Repair Small Lasers Video RGB-Cables
Endoscopic Instrument Repair Medical Equipment Repair Surgical Equipment Repair Video Equipment Repair
EKG/ECG Monitor Repairs Micro Instrument Repair Surgical Equipment Sales Video Monitor Repair
Fiberoptic Cables/Instruments Nasolaryngoscope Repair Surgical Generator Repair Xenon Light Source Repairs